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At the end of a fictional nineteenth century, the Earth is the battlefield of the war between the Black Order and the Millennium Earl. The Earl wants to destroy humanity using his army of akuma, weapons created from the despair of the people who lost their loved ones and recall them to life, trapping their souls into the akuma. The Black Order is a secret organization, under the orders of the Vatican, composed by Exorcists, people able to fight and destroy the akuma using their anti-akuma weapons, made with a divine substance called Innocence. Among them is Allen Walker, a 15 years old boy, who joined the Order to defeat the Millennium Earl and free the souls trapped as akuma.

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Kamuinoyume's D Gray-Man Tv And Manga Review

Rated: 7

Overall, I think the first part of the Manga that got turned into an Anime was bad. And I honestly like to praise the Animators for adding all the extra little piece of detail that made all those choppy chapters more entertaining. But I'd also like to scold them for their horrible fillers, because, given the source material (the Manga) and just how poorly paced and structured it was, and given how entertaining they managed to make the bits of the Manga that they animated, I can't help but wonder how did they managed to f**k up their own original stories so much...

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Member Opinions

Cirru Cirru

General Cross Marian, General Froi Tiedoll, General Klaud Nine, Yu Kanda, and Tyki Mikk are the really interesting characters in this story for me. Still reading through it and intrigued on how it will develop.


I gotta admit, I think they could have done so much better on this series. there were times that i had no idea what was going on & often had to do a double take, especially after reading all 23 volumes of the manga so far. It is also disappointing that for a series that went to 102 episodes, we only got about half here in the states.

Sou1Co11ector Sou1Co11ector

I didn't like it at first, but grew to enjoy it very much. Like almost all battle anime's they start off light and grow measurably more dark as time passes.

I was on the edge of my seat with some of the battles and I thoroughly enjoyed this anime in the end. The end was disappointing, mostly because the anime was stopped due to the manga only being released once a month.

I would like for this show to continue and come to some sort of a conclusion someday soon.

erdeteha erdeteha

three long seasons. neat and good artwork. cool costume design. but the ending is so disappointed. the main villain still alive, and the protagonists still far from the final battle. I wish there will be a movie that tells 'bout how it should be end.

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

I watched this before reading the manga and loved it even after. The story is great and it makes you want to keep watching. They got pretty far into the original story before the ending of the series so you'll have plenty to watch. My favorite character is Allen Walker, he's just so cute <3


Probably one of my favourite series so far. I am not really into all of this "God is this, God is that" stuff personally, although it is quite interesting when it comes to bishies fighting, but I probably like it so much for Kanda. I've been in love with him for years and I still am. Whenever I see a chapter of D.Gray-Man or watch an episode, I wait for him to come out and say his "Chi" in irritated manner. I love his personality, I love his hair, I love his slender body, everything, completely. Haha, the story development is really nice and interesting to read, the art has gotten better than it was before, thank you, Hoshino-sensei. It is really good, can't say more. Especially Kanda.

SilverCat-sama SilverCat-sama

It's about Allen Walker n the other exorcists who fight with Akumas (some kind of ghost/monster). The characters are fun n interesting. The stories are great. Even some of them made me cry T.T (Lala's episodes). And some others made laugh like crazy (Komui jealousy). Its really good. Everyone who never watch it should try to watch this anime. ^^

Gaburi Gaburi

Un anime realmente original, con personajes que tienen una personalidad muy peculiar, y la historia cuenta con buenas bases. Sin contar que el enemigo de los protagonista, "Los Noe y los akuma" asi como la misma "inocencia" son conceptos muy bien utilizados en este anime.

lvlz26 lvlz26

I was a true Dub D gray man fan. I had been waiting for about two years for the second half of the show to release......but it never came. So i recently decided to watch it subbed and have to say the only BIG difference is Allen's voice. But i still like it. on of my favorite shows.

orange-lisa orange-lisa

I immediately fell in love with it. I have a particular passion for nineteenth-century London, with its mysterious atmosphere, the fog, the rain and the dark alleys, so I adored the setting. There's something that caught me in the general atmosphere that emanates from the pages of the manga, I cannot explain it. The characters are just wonderful: Allen is a great protagonist, the bad guys are misterious and charming and the guys of the scientific section are adorably wacky. But Lavi is my favourite one! The manga is wonderful with its gothic atmosphere and is really well drawn; the anime is quite good too, but is full of fillers, 'til the middle doesn't really follow the story and ends all of a sudden.

LAVI: "Your feelings are so strong, you’re almost dazzling. What are you carrying upon your shoulders together with that Clownish Innocence? It is as if, like the light, you’re going to fade away…"

chiara chiara

One of the long series over 100 eps I really love all the way through. If I recall correctly there are quite a few filler eps but there are relatively interesting to watch. The story is original including some pretty awesome and crazy characters and good music. There are good fighting scenes along with a very enjoyable plot line, some comedy relief but overall a wonderful, creepy, dark and suspenseful anime. A must watch for atmospheric tight and dark atmosphere lovers like me :)


((+)) ¡Lenalee es lo mejor! Las personalidades de Lavi y Kanda tan opuestas XD Hevlaska RULES!!! Y por supuesto: La música! Sus OP simplemente son geniales ♥ A demas en particular me gustan los malos de D.Gray-man, el Conde del Milenio es el personaje mejor logrado.
((+/-)) IVREA tarda mucho en sacar los mangas y los quiero ¡YA!
((-)) El anime corta de golpe sin un final claro... hay que seguir el manga.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

I watched this after seeing some art for it and hearing about it. Took me so long to decide to start watching though because I had to find a site that had the other half of the show, since the site I was using now only has the first 51 episodes. I really liked this show, it's awesome! I really like the Clan of Noah members! I'm also reading the manga. I wish the manga came out weekly.

Yamibou-Eve Yamibou-Eve

One of my favorite series. Read the manga, love it but it needs to be a weekly manga bc I am senile and I can't tell the characters apart anymore. I also want new anime seasons. Definitely one of the higher quality anime, did a nice job of following the manga, with a few fillers that I don't even remember.

OctaDiamond OctaDiamond

I realize I've given the anime a rather high rating, but I'm really impressed with the way the filler episodes were handled. Unlike oh-so-many anime series, here we get reasonably distributed fillers that help establish the characters, & build up for the main arcs in the story, & so the series doesn't drink up all the available story in the source material until it's left running on a dry engine which keeps coughing up one filler arc after the other, when the only thing the audience want to see at that stage is real progress from the real story..
Other than that, I also like the characterization, & how the anime manages to actually enhance the manga, which I also happen to like a lot, the music fits nicely into the story, & I find the pianist/musician song quite adorable.. I only hope that sometime in the near future there would be more of the good thing & some new episodes will find their way into production now that there is more material to use..

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