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The manga starts with this not so ordinary boy named Nimura Kensuke, who had the ability to see things not from this world. Although those spirits hardly frightens him anymore, he was quite fed up with them. Then one fated day he met and become infatuated with a pretty girl named Tsuchimiya Kagura, who has the power to summon a mighty spirit beast (Ga Rei) who devour spirit, Byakuei. Kagura quickly enlisted Kensuke's help to do her job, that is to either purify or destroy those spirits. Together with their friends they faced various enemies which led them to the mysterious Sesshouseki, fragments of the sealed power of the great Kyuubi.

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Weskalia's Ga-rei Tv Review

Rated: 9

Make no mistake, Ga-rei: Zero is a very calculated series. While not as exaggeratedly fun as the manga, the plot is generic and the first arc found cheap is intolerable, but it's still a remarkable series nonetheless. The strategy which manages the viewers to care deeply for the two girls even when they know full well where it all must end. And it works. The girls' friendship is at once complicated and touching. And once it enters the main arc, Kagura's intensively sister love and Yomi's sadistic nature all shape conveniently, their story ceases to be an efficient if emotionally aware thriller and becomes a merciless yet moving drama.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

This is just my feelings on the anime series, Ga-Rei: Zero and I thought it was a pretty good series with an engaging plot. I found Yomi Isayama an interesting character in how she develops throughout the series. Sure the first two episodes can cause some confusion and I do think it could have followed a more chronological setup to see Yomi's transformation from protagonist to antagonist come naturally, rather than know the outcome as the series progresses. It was quite the interesting transformation though for Yomi and she's one of the few characters in anime I feel carries that dual role as a protagonist and the fall from grace she experiences that leads her to become an antagonist quite well. I like the OP & ED songs the seiyuu of Kagura and Yomi and a great songs to listen to. It would be nice if the original Ga-Rei series were adapted as an anime, I think it would be a great gift to give fans of this series.

pikachu36 pikachu36

This show is was really too short of a series, but it had you guessing during on first episode as to what the fuck was going on. Besides that I liked the fact though that right away it grabbed my attention and made me want to watch it more and I ended up finishing it on the second day of watching due to only being 12 episodes long lol deff an anime to watch or at least check out non the less. The questions is, does it it have a big re watch value to it?? well imo I believe it could go either way there was episodes that would be worth watching ad others that I would not re watch because there was not enough there or it was a filler episode.

Dancerinthedark Dancerinthedark

*Powerful opening episode plus a strong ending makes Ga-Rei Zero a definite must see for action fans.*

“Will you kill someone you love because of love?”

Those who have already seen Ga-Rei Zero (GRZ) are probably sick of reading the quote above, but it is nonetheless an effective quote to advertise for GRZ. I still remember what initially caught my interest in GRZ, it was the amazing trailer. Boy, how misleading it was …

Don’t get me wrong, Ga-Rei Zero is quite fabulous indeed. The synopsis may sound generic, but the technique used to present the story that will eventually lead into Ga-Rei (manga) is what makes this gem a success in this recessional era. The excitement level of GRZ can be described by a simple parabolic function (think of the letter “U”), though the initial point stands out a lot more than the ending. This is analogous to say you drop a ball from great height and watch it fall down and slowly climb back up. But no matter how hard it tries, in the end it cannot go back to the initial height.

dchoggia14 dchoggia14

The first episode was epic but hey all the characters dies? What is going on here? That is my thought after watching first episode. The real story it self so sad but I like sad story. When the younger sister must kill her older sister at the end to help her end the curse. I cannot say anything else.

Lamperougegirl Lamperougegirl

I only saw the Ga-Rei Zero series and I think it is amazing, the story is pretty good and the character development too, however, since it's a 13 chapter serie, it has a lot of questions without answer that maybe only the manga can respond

singlemoon singlemoon

And I meant Ga-Rei; Zero, the beginning for Ga-Rei.
My feeling for Ga-Rei: Zero is neutral, I didn't hate it and I didn't like it as much as I like food. But still, it had it moments. There's some funny characters and there's some cool characters. And I absolutely had no idea what to say about this anime.
The right words would be, the anime doesn't appeal much to me, but I like the manga. I truthfully enjoy it.

Rai1e Rai1e

Serves as a prequel of the original manga. The 1st episode is kind of misleading since the story is told from the perspective of a team of totally unrelated characters, and then switches to the main characters on the next episode. A unique move, but that's what makes it special. The anime clearly conveys its message. The characterization is great, and the actions are also well-done.

celestial-Ceres celestial-Ceres

Love it *_____* Yomi is sooo cool :3
This is just the perfect Anime for me, pretty girls in school uniform with swords fight with cute monsters at their side :D Almost all the characters are cool, and the story is interesting, captivating and sad. I also love the soundtrack!
Really an awesome Anime!!

uzumakixhinata uzumakixhinata

a tragic story between two girls who considered each other as the most important person in their lives. However, i could not help but fall in love with this anime because of how well the conflicting emotions in each of the character, especially in Yomi's case was portrayed. to become with the readers, this anime series had managed to attain that kind of connection.

LuckyShadow LuckyShadow

This was a really good anime. You actually started to feel sorry for the characters' situations, and the action sequences were pretty great as well. The beasts they summoned were crazy awesome as well!

chalupa chalupa

I should specify that I've seen Ga-rei Zero, which is a prequel, I think. Excellent show, although the first few episodes were a bit odd. The plot is mainly driven by character interaction, not action, thus it has many emotional moments.

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