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The first Madaraki "sister" created by Professor Naomitsu Madaraki. Crude and bloodthirsty, she is hostile towards Fran from the get-go and takes whatever opportunity she can to attempt to kill her. Due to the Professor's skills, Gavrill is very difficult to defeat in battle and poses a threat even to Veronica when she takes on her battle form (a giant wolflike creature). Gavrill has a dial on one side of the head that controls her transformation, and it is revealed that her body requires incredible amounts of willpower to not fall apart; this mental fortitude also allows her to transform parts of her body at will. In two chapters, Gavrill ends up teaching at Fran and Veronica's school at Professor Amatsuka's request and, despite her violent nature, is very popular with the students for giving "real" advice.

Credit: pandemonium91

Gavrill Madaraki Scans

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