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According to legend, Gilgamesh was the fifth king of ancient Babylon whose deeds were immortalized in the 7th-century Epic of Gilgamesh. In the anime, the tomb of the Babylonian king has been located, a tomb within which there is a door into an alternate dimension. Over the site, a massive research facility called Heaven's Gate was created, a facility where the world's best and brightest scientists had gathered to do research. However, on 10 October, one of the scientists, Madoka Terumichi (known as Enkidu through the Chinese pronounciation of his name), blows up the facility, causing a massive EMP shockwave that destroys all computers in the world and creates what becomes known as the Sheltering Sky, a layer of electrical interference in the atmosphere. Because of the date of the occurance, the incident became known as Twin X.

It is in this world, under the surreal mirror of the Sheltering Sky, that Madoka Kiyoko and Madoka Tatsuya live, bearing the knowledge that it was their father who brought this catastrophe to the world. Over the course of the anime, through encounters with those who were disciples of his father and those who wish for a return to the world as it was, they begin to learn more about their father, his motivations, and most importantly, about themselves and their origins.

Credits: shinsengumi

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Shinsengumi's Gilgamesh Tv Review

Rated: 7

In the originality category, Gilgamesh certainly does extremely well, as it certainly sets forth a very intriguing world with interesting constraints and attributes in which its characters can interact. The plot and plot development are also excellent, though as noted above, the ending seems to simply sweep so many of the possibilities aside and really squander much of the setup done in the episodes leading up to the final confrontation.

The story also has a slight hint of incest to it. Certain scenes, especially, stand out as such if taken completely out of context. Also, throughout the series Tatsuya is suspected of having a sister complex. This element may be considered by some as being gratuitous and may easily sour for some what would otherwise be very compelling characters.

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