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Ari-chan's Iketeru Futari Tv Review

Rated: 7

While I will admit ecchi comedy isn't at all original these days, I think Iketeru Futari did a good job of standing out. Unlike a lot of couples in this type of series, Koizumi and Saji have a very refreshing relationship. With the short amount of time for each episode and only 16 episodes to work with, their relationship moves at a very nice pace. They start out like a one sided love. and moves very quickly to a sensual, sexy relationship. Koizumi's actions and temper tend to be like that of Naru of Love Hina, but at least Koizumi has reasons for her actions, and I've yet to see such an on off relationship done like Iketeru Futari in any other anime.

Iketeru Futari happens to be very funny if you like slapstick, ecchi, or gag style humor.

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