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Yonzzz's Initial D Tv Review

Rated: 10

The acade game is played by buying your own car. YOu can upgrade and modify your car. There is all type of maps..INcluding Miyogi,Akina,Usui,Akagi,Hirohazaka,Hapogara and many more.. YOu can play the map wet, dry, night or day!!!

CHallange with people can make your car level up..You can also challange the legend driver Bunta...

the time attact is always challanging...whoever have the best record for the fastes time will get thier car nam i the machine and it will stayed there until the is someone better than him

There are 3 version in the arcade...the Ps 2 version is also similar...but you have more maps...and a very cool story line for you too follow...

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Member Opinions

pikachu36 pikachu36

Initial D is pretty much a simple one to sum up. I happen to like the underground racing a lot so this show peaked my interest. yet I found it to be annoying at parts as well due to just mainly watch a guy drive and race all the time, but if I am correct and I'm not certain this show I believe goes under historical as I believe this was based of a real driver. All in all I did enjoy this long ass series and all the crazy car driving.

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