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YuuichiYouko YuuichiYouko

Trash - noun; garbage or waste. Why does that matter? The word trash has a new definition. And that is Kakumeiki Valvrave. Have you ever went into a show that hypes you up with all these epic opening shots then the first season leaves you with all these questions and hype for season two. Then when season two comes they add more questions and answer none of them by the end of the show. And they leave you with the most enraging moment in the anime. That is what this show is. This show is garbage. Actually hot garbage because it stinks so much that never goes away. If you want to waste a few hours to rage later, this the show for you. But if you like your sanity and time. Just skip this trash

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

The mechs themselves were nice and the two OPs were pretty awesome, though the second one took some warming up to. I thought a second season would help fix some of the problems I had with the first season.

But I was wrong the second season DID NOT HELP too much in the make sense department. Pointless tragedy. The timeskip being left out probably would've done some good. Overall, looking back at this show I could never get behind Haruto as the main character and I definitely couldn't get behind Shouko as the main female interest. I just found her super pathetic throughout both seasons and very flip-floppy in the the second; meaning one minute she's this girl who decided to step up to take on the pressuring and demanding position of being a leader for the good of herself and her fellow schoolmates, the next she's thrown all the intelligence the show builds up for her away and just downright outcasts/leaves to die the person whose been her biggest support. And then after something seems to have happened to him she wants to get all concerned about him and his safety. What makes it worse is Haruto had feelings for her so he just ignores all the crap she does and continues to tow the line as the heroic main character.

So much unexplained and incomplete. So much potential, wasted in place of purely annoying, pathetic melodrama and confusing politics. WTF happened here?

Suxinn Suxinn

/anime/ I hated this anime for a variety of reasons. Though it got slightly better at the end of its second season, it was still one of the most frustrating series I've ever watched, and I've hated every moment I had to sit through this thing.

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