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Suzuna Kuraki is a young priestess who has to go through special training before the official time of the Tsukimachi ceremony. She has dreams of a mysterious shadow lover, whose face she never sees; when she wakes up, he's gone. Soon, her mother informs her that she must marry a guy she's never met, Kouichi Hayama. Though things between them get off to a horrible start, they eventually fall in love with each other, but it seems there is a curse upon the shrine which makes its inhabitants give in to their lust. Can Suzuna and Kouichi break free of it and defeat the evil presence?

Synopsis: mew1mokuba

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Champagne's Kao no nai Tsuki Tv Review

Rated: 8

Again, we must take in the fact that this is a hentai anime. All hentai puts sex on high priority and often, they do it in every two scenes if not in every scene. Most of the hentai basically has no plotline and if it does, you forget about it because of the sex. The presentation of Kao no Nai Tsuki makes sure that you don't forget the actual story. The characters personalities are very enjoyable to watch. Suzuna the main character has a very strong personality and doesn't give in to sex to the guy Hayama Kouichi as easily as those normal hentai female characters. There are a few scenes that made me laugh and it was pretty different from what I expected. It really wasn't the
"Hey baby, let me fuck you" and
type of thing. She actually resisted...

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Member Opinions

pandemonium91 pandemonium91

Good plot, for a hentai anime, though the characters somewhat leave to be desired and their actions may leave you scratching your head at times. The mystery of what goes on at the shrine is what keeps this going - well, you know, aside from the bonking -, and it's interesting to see how many people are involved and what their role is. Carnelian's artwork is good as usual, though the animation looks a bit dated nowadays. The music is solid, and does a good job of setting the mood.

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