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Karin Maaka is the middle child of a family of vampires which immigrated to Japan 200 years ago. Karin, although technically a vampire herself, is very different from the rest of her family. Instead of lacking blood, her body overproduces it. In order to get rid of the excess blood, once a month, she must give in to her urges and find someone to bite. Instead of drinking their blood, she gives them some of hers, leaving both her and her "victim" feeling refreshed and energetic.
Despite these troubles, she still goes to school and holds down a part-time job. Everything is going reasonably well for Karin, until a transfer student, Kenta Usui, joins her class. For some reason, her body instantly reacts to him, and begins producing more blood than she can stand...

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Hasaki-Keissi's Karin Tv Review

Rated: 7

Humor was definitely a disease that was let run through out this anime series. (At least for me, this seemed so.) For this, they get +4 for this aspect.

The anime was enjoyable, for the most part. +3 for this.

Okay, now for the "bad" stuff.

The constant use of "...is Embarassing" got fricking annoying after a while, even if it was cute for the first few episodes. So (Cute factor +3) (Nuissance factor -4)

And what's worse, is that I found that the story was naturally leading towards a different ending than the one they choose to give. (Ending Factor -2)

Adding up these numbers, I believe that I get a plain 4 as my result. And that is what I will give this show for it's presentation.

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Member Opinions

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

Cute little anime if you like them fluffy. The characters are fairly interesting and they all have traits that make you want to know more about them. The storyline is your typical shoujo anime story with romance and school life but nothing to write home about.


This wasn't as sad as the manga, which is great = D Honestly I don't know which one of the storylines is better; the "psykhe" or the "real vampire" thing.
+This was so funny! xD Especially Winner-kun

Karakata Karakata

A very cute, humourous anime. The unvampire plot is interesting and Karin's blood-producing situation is different from any other vampire story I've heard before. The characters are enjoyable to watch as well. Karin may be a little too much to handle at some times but she's a sweet person. I really like the opening and closing theme songs (although the animation for the opening theme is weird). I have some small complaints, but oh well.

After finally reading the manga, I can't decide whether I like the manga or the anime better! I enjoy some of the subplots and more details that the manga has for sure, including more of a relationship between Karin and Kenta. I also like the art style. I'm conflicted with the different endings, because I find the manga ending more bittersweet, but the anime ending leaves something to be desired. Hmm.

KitanaSama KitanaSama

Eu vi o anime desse mangá a muito tempo. Tanto que nem me lembrava direito de como era a história. Ai com o lançamento do manga aqui no Brasil eu corri atras dele em scans pra ver se valia a pena compra-lo. A história é bem legalzinha mas não tanto a ponto de me fazer comprar o manga, já que eu atualmente compro mais de 10 mangás por mês. Além dos lançamentos que virão agora em 2012 como Kuroshitsuji, One Piece e Mad love Chase. Eu gostei bastante do manga, mas ai na minha lista de prioridades, infelizmente, esse mangá não cabe no meu orçamento...

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

A cool old love story, rolling around vampire and human relationship. (and some vampire hunters are involved too.. XD). Over all story is quite awesome, but since its quite old, so presentations and voice actors were not extra ordinary. (but hei.. i didn't said they were bad). i enjoyed it quite a lot as its a sticky anime.

stargem stargem

A romance between a vampire and human, vampires still burn (unlike twilight thank goodness),
the ending leaves much to be desired, but for those seeking a simple comedy this is a good series for you.
Manga: WORST ENDING EVER!!!!!!!!!

bafyte bafyte

Soooooooo funny!!! Love the cute vampire eyes!!! ^__^ I mean seriously, this is one of the cutest, funniest and romantic vampire animes or even stories ever made. I just can't believe how cute everyone in it is. It was too funny. I love it. Watched it a few times actually. :D

HatedAngel HatedAngel

To be clear, the manga was awesome. I loved the manga it was one of my favorites and it still is... but only in the manga category. The anime was way to different. to much stuff that was different. The plot is different they added filler characters and even changed the name! The Manga is called Chibi Vampire and the anime is Karin wtf? but yeah for the manga Id give it a 10 but the anime really weighs it down

VampireKeita VampireKeita

One of my favorite anime, I was having a hard time with school one year and by watching this it made me want to keep going, although i almost quit. I love the characters, Karin reminds me of myself, not know what to do, or who she is, always trying to make someone else happy before making herself happy, losing herself in love. It was a really cute anime and i love watching it so much Ive watched the series three times!!


I loved how the Marker family explained some of the myths about vampires. I also thought it was funny how Karin was the odd ball vampire girl and thank god she did not sparkle in sunlight like the fag kid from Twilight.


Fun series to watch and quite a different take than your usual anime. Art is about a 6 music would rate about a seven for opening and ending themes they match the anime quite well. A cute series with a unique take on vampires that anyone can watch yes even the 10 and up crowd without worrying about seeing something they shouldn't. Quite entertaining no matter your age just a good fun watch.


This wasn't that bad of an anime, but it was so far away from the manga as you could get with out losing the plot.

Even if i wasn't based off the manga as much I hoped, it was still a very good anime. Great plot, funny, and great.

of course.. that was in the japanese version. The english version of Karin wasn't as good. I guess it was mainly because I like the originals.

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