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Tooru Akiyoshi is an honor student who doesn't really care about making friends or keeping up appearances. Imagine his shock when the high-school's popular pretty-boy Fuuta Naruse asks him to be his friend! Tooru, however, doesn't think they'd be compatible and politely declines. Which goes very wrong when Fuuta reveals his true colors and assaults him.

The "Akuma" series is:
1) Kawaii Akuma
2) Itoshii Akuma (follows the events of Kawaii Akuma)
3) Akuma wa Hohoemu (which centers around Fuuta's brother, Shouta)

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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pandemonium91 pandemonium91

This...is a difficult series for me to review. At first I utterly hated it because it could easily pass for a rape drama if it weren't labeled a comedy, then I gave it another shot. While my opinion of it did get better, I'm still not too impressed with it. Fuuta's selfishness got on my nerves a lot, as well as "Doormat" Tooru's submissiveness and drastic personality change. I know it's yaoi, but I'd still like SOME realism in it and not just forced couples that have no reason to stay together.

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