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Kieli (キーリ) is originally a light novel written by Yukako Kabei and illustrated by Shunsuke Taue.
It was later adapted into a manga illustrated by Shiori Teshirogi.

Kieli is a young girl whose ability to see ghosts has made her an outcast at her boarding school. But one day she meets Harvey, who is much more than he first seems.
Kieli goes with Harvey on his journey to return a soul to its rightful place, for once not lonely because of the kindred spirit she finds in him.

Synopsis by DokiDokiChan.

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aozoraskies aozoraskies

Some time in the future, humans left Earth to colonise another planet (which is a lot like Earth. Erm). This new Earth is largely ruled over by the Christian Church, and in the midst of all this, there is Kieli. Kieli is absolutely skeptical of the Church - she believes that "God got tired on the way to the new planet, so he never made it here!". Her cynical view is supported by a few things. One:
Apparently, in the early years of colonisation, there waged a huge war between the Church and its opposition. The Church did the unthinkable and built a force of biologically-enhanced soldiers who cleaved through the rebels' forces like a hot knife through butter - vicious, deadly and undying, self-healing. After the bloody war, the Church then annexes said soldiers and declares that they will hunt down every last one of them, enlisting their one weakness against them (of course >_>) - their literally stone hearts - the source of their healing powers and without, they are pretty much dead. Years and years later, even after a sort of civilisation has been established, the hunts go on and the Church military becomes a feared figure, striking down once-soldiers and rebels in the streets, in plain sight - Children are told that non-believers will be fetched by the Church military.

Two: Kieli can see spirits of the dead, even in church, during the holiest of masses. If there be a merciful God, then why do these pained spirits still haunt the church? So she thinks. So, yeah, perhaps not the cup of tea for Christians... BUT.
The story and pacing is lovely, the introductions of characters and their interactions stand out, you can sympathise with the characters and not find them weak at all. This new world is introduced in such a way that you can nearly FEEL that it is REAL, and you will be moved by the story at the right moments. The final antagonist might not awe much (sigh) but the three main protagonists have a way of earning our hearts so.. Definitely a worthy read.

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