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Kahoko Hino was just an ordinary student at Seishou Academy. Without a glimpse of warning, a magical fairy, Lili, drops a magical violin into her lap. The very next day, her name pops up on the list of entrants for a music competition. Reluctantly, Kahoko gives way to Lili's nagging and eventually joins the concours.
Progressing through the story, Kahoko must learn to deal with the prejudice of her fellow concour members, and her growing love for the violin, as well as music.

Synopsis: Lariel

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Lariel's Kiniro no Corda Tv Review

Rated: 6

Let's say I've wasted three days finishing Kiniro No Corda, which certainly dragged on like a snail. Eventually I decided to grade this a "it was fun while it lasted, but I am never going to watch this again. No, good sire. Not even to drool over Len Tsukimori and his genius skills with the violin."

For the society members out there who enjoy harem shows, I would definitely recommend Kiniro no Corda. Ignore my blasted insults above and go ahead. You might think differently. For you guys who are values sensibility and practicality out there, hear my advice: head straight for the manga and never the anime. Even better, don't touch anything related to the series, with the OSTs as an exception. For some absurd reason, this series was extremely draining. Not out of pure suspense, see.

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Member Opinions

Blue-Latte Blue-Latte

Wonderfully portrayed music anime and also very inspiring for someone like me who doesn't play any instruments. I somehow got the feeling of wanting to play something while watching this. I really love the artwork and the character designs, though it has too many male characters and sometimes the characters do look a bit similar to each other. All of the Bishounen are good-looking. <3 This anime has great music (the OP and the ED songs are beautiful), great art. Nice plot overall.

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

Also known as La Corda d'Oro, this anime was based on a game of the same name. It revolves around Kahoko, a regular high school student, who gets involved in the world of Classical music. It's a reverse harem, so you can expect a lot of romance. The music is great both for those who like Classical music and for those who don't. If you're not a fan then you can learn a lot about it by watching this anime.

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

A randevous with classic music and instruments.. Why not?^_^ based on otome game, so we have male harem here, but I find myself to like the female protagonist more than these guys^_^ She tryed so hard with that magic violin of hers... I love violin, by the way^_^ I could watch this in order to listen to the instrumental concerts only^_^ but bishie competition always good as an addition^_^

orange-lisa orange-lisa

The leading theme of this anime is music, the thread that bind together the characters with their fears, hopes, loves. I like classical music, but I didn't expect this to be so enjoyable. Usually when you have a male harem the girl is almost insignificant, but here the female character is not that bad.
Nice opening and ending themes and nice art too.

HINO KAHOKO: "It sure is strange. When you turn these written notes into sounds, it becomes so beautiful. How should I say it? It seems that the performer is resurrecting the notes."


Oh the beautiful Ave Maria always played with heart in every performance! The deep rich tones during the Cello Concerto no.9, the liveliness of the Polonaise Brillante, the sadness in a usual piano Chopin "Tristesse" played by a violin, the madness in Fantasie Impromptu and I could list each song, but the list is too long. This is one of the reasons I love anime, the usual fusion of anime and classical music is a wonderful thing. I love listening to their pieces and while being a Vivaldi fan myself I did enjoy the many pieces played during the contest. The story introduced each character (though not entirely subtlety) their stories and lives, it was a nice change of pace during my action phase. However, while I respect Kahoko's personal conflict, it at times made it a bit difficult to relate to her. Other than her few problems the show itself was amazing.

sakurarukia0506 sakurarukia0506

This is the first beautiful-drawing anime I've ever seen (on Animax) ,I was attracted by it so much that I wanted to find and read Manga so badly at that time=> I saw anime before manga^^,sad a bit...The story is great + happy ending (i love happy ed XD),though its only thing makes me sad is :It's ended different from manga,they ended it so fast while manga was still on going back then,only 2 eps for the whole new season T_T.This story taught me how to draw a violin and a piano,that's more good reason for me to love it.I love Len Tsukimori!!!

Aiira Aiira

I have to thanked a very special friend for recommending this anime to me. I was addicted to this anime to tell everyone the truth. It's like crack (am I even allowed to say that) The usual love triangle is incorporated. Although the "love triangle" was not really scene in the anime, if you put your attention to it completely, you'll see that it's not only love triangle, but it seems like all the guys are in-love with Hino (the main character as in the girl.)

ai-yame ai-yame

La Corda d'Oro probably has these factors as its selling points: reverse harem, cute and pretty guys, and wonderful compilation of classical music. While I think that the fact that Kahoko did not end up with any of the pretty boys in the anime series is quite a plus, the second season was pretty much a bum, in my humble opinion. The second season could have added more episodes and just partly focused on how life went for the characters after the concours. Art-wise, it's colorful, very decent, and well-drawn.


One of my favorite series! :) I love La Corda D'Oro so much-- it even influenced me to play the violin! The guys are adorable (Kiriya Etou from Secondo Passo is my personal preference.) and very distinct in terms of personality. The classical pieces in the series are wonderful and some are truly heartfelt (Salut D'Amour, Ave Maria, Chaconne, La Chanson D'Adeiu and others.) The animation is superb! <3 I'm looking forward to the second season.

LadyCrosszeria LadyCrosszeria

I love classical music. And I love the violin. So of course when I found this anime I was happy to see that something like this actually existed. Not many people like classical music but my friends have told me that after watching this anime they actually started to like it a little bit and that makes me happy ^.^ This is a shojo anime of course and full of bishounens~!! So all fangirls must watch it~! xD

abaddon13 abaddon13

A reverse harem with classical music...
Heck yeah!! It's fairly nice, and gives you that "tense" feeling at times. Specially at the competitions wherein there's always something bound to go wrong for someone. You feel their grief, their tension, and their want to get better.

This series made me want to play the violin! And wear a dress as well!
Magical anime really! And the colors of this one, just stunning.


Love the music! I began to love Classical music because of this anime! The animation is okay, and the characters are good. Almost no character have same personalities. This anime has a lot of fan(girls) mainly because of the boys. My favorite character is Hino Kahoko, though. The second best for me would be Fuyuumi Shouko (If just they let her appear more...) And the third is Etou Kiriya (yeah, if just they let him appear more...); the fourth is Shimizu Keiichi (If just they let him appear more...); and the fifth is Ousaki Shinobu (If just they let him... okay, stop that)

I like the ending of the story because Kahoko didn't end up with anyone :) If she were to end up with someone, it would be Tsukimori and I was an anti-Tsukimori (WAS, I'm currently trying to like him so I won't be too depressed to read the manga and I DO realize that there's a lot of his fans). I like the ending mainly because it didn't offend anyone (in my opinion) After all, there's a lot of the boys' fans and if Kahoko did end up with one of the boys, the other boys' fans (who wanted their subject of fansm end up with Kahoko) won't stay silent, will they? Not to mention the fans who hate Kahoko to end up with anyone (x.............x)

lkmjr lkmjr

Very much a guilty pleasure. You have two reasons to be watching this show: pretty guys and pretty music. Delivers well on both. Art is fairly good, music is excellent, character guys are awesome. Story-wise, it's there, but not much.

princesslucky princesslucky

Haha. Ok. So i'm not a big Shoujo fan, this is like the most Shoujoyist thing I ever watched. I play the violin, and love it, thats what got me watching it. I was intrigued by a series so surrounded by it, and the love of music in general. But I ended up really liking the characters, and got attached to them and it kept me watching! It was fun, I watched the entire series in 3 days while I was sick. XD I also read the Manga (On-going) which is very good. I might like it better than the anime personally.

Naoshii Naoshii

Loved the manga, had high expectations for the anime... was only partially satisfied. It was pretty good until the end. HORRID ending. But, um, a nice series overall. It was nice to be able to hear the music, which you don't get from reading it. Other than that, though, the manga is superior in every way.

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