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Maison Ikkoku is a romantic story set in modern Tokyo. Its two main protagonists are Yusaku Godai, the classic student with many life problems and Kyoko Otonashi, a young widow and the new administrator of Ikkoku Mansion. Others are the weird but still realistic guests of Ikkoku kan (house): the mysterious Yotsuya, and Akemi Roppongi, a young girl who tends to walk around the house semi-naked. The story plays on the slowly developing love between Yusaku and Kyoko, as well as the hurdles they face along the way.

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Riceblade's Maison Ikkoku Tv Review

Rated: 8

The animation was quite original with the female lead character starting the animation as a young widow with a tragic past and the male lead character as a retainee living in an Inn with a bunch of crazy alcoholics who party everynight IN HIS ROOM. The anime gives a very warm and family feel and I really enjoyed watching the main character, Godai try to chase his alcoholic Inn mates out of his room in his pursuit to win the woman of his dreams. The humor is very good too since his Inn mates always use him as a scapegoat and ‘torture’ him whenever they have the opportunity and the fact that there are so many misunderstandings give the humor and romance a very friendly but yet fresh touch to the story.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

Godai's neighbors sure lack in the maturity department and after seeing Kimagure Orange Road, junior high school characters Madoka Ayukawa and Kyosuke Kasuga show more maturity. My favorite girl of the series is Asuna Kujou, for she is sweet and kind, as well as Kozue Nanao and both deserved more screen time than they got. My final thoughts of the series is that while I still feel KOR is the better of the two, the ending leaves a satisfying finish, yet all the melodrama that came before wasn't necessary. Also there could've been a final resolution when it came to concluding things with Yagami as there had been for Mitaka and Kozue, although the latter could've been done better. The overall pacing was rather poor at times and relied on too many misunderstandings as a plot device. When it came to Rumiko Takahashi's works, I still enjoyed Ranma 1/2 the best. Overall, I was rather disappointed by MI after all the hype people give it.

ghost945 ghost945

watched this while growing up. great relationship development plot. although old fashioned and styled, it's full of warmth fill with touching moments every now and then. main characters are very romantic indeed.

archangel12345 archangel12345

Pictures: the drawing style is lucid and clear, details and backgrounds are acceptable.

Character Portrayal: impressive, but can be improved by exaggration. The central traits of a character is fully displayed, but to some extent the portrayal lacks direct action or mental activity.

Story and Plot: the setting of the story is good, but too many coincidences in this anime may result in boredom and lacking of interest. Of course, without the coincidences the story is less interesting, i said this because i think a good anime need to develope its plot more smoothly and naturally, instead of piling and patching up.

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