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CyanideBlizzard's Nyan Koi! Tv Review

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Rated: 7

Nyan Koi! isn't going to win any awards, nor is it going to convert someone over to harem series if they weren't interested before. It has it's own share of fan service scenes, and typical cliche plot lines. Yet, within all of this we're greeted with an interesting concept and characters that develop within the twelve episodes we're given. Nyan Koi! would be what I would describe as a guilty pleasure through and through. It's nothing you'll remember several weeks down the road for it's amazing characters and great plot development, but if it fits the bill it will most likely be a series that you'll end up revisiting at one point or another.

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Member Opinions

chiara chiara

I usually don't like harem anime but I thoroughly enjoyed watching this series. Junpei destroyed by accident a cat statue at a shrine and got cursed to turn into a cat himself if he doesn't do 100 good deeds to cats furthermore he can now speak and understand them. To complicate the situation further he's allergic towards cats and must not let know this matter to others because the curse would broaden by including this person. The story doesn't invent the genre anew but it's a nice, light-hearted watch with really good comedy effects and laugh-attacks are guaranteed. I also like Junpei as the male lead and the usually overexerted elements which are considered as pervert you find typically in this sort of anime are held moderate and are fitting if used (even if the common "try to sneak and peek in the womens section at the onsen-scene" is included). I think that's the most important point for me to like it as a harem anime :)

xpilot2006 xpilot2006

Quickly becoming one of my TOP anime series in ages, the production quality involved with this series is almost unreal. Everything is so sharp and detailed, it's worth going back and watching episodes more then once. The comedy is quite simply...EPIC! I've never laughed so much in ages, and it just keeps on delivering episode after episode. The romance sorta takes a back seat for now, however I do expect it to start becoming more and more of a focus the further we go into the series.

pussnboots pussnboots

So far this series is pretty funny and enjoyable to watch. It is only on episode 5 but its been great and I hope it remain so all the through to the end. I have not completely enjoyed the comedy like this since Kamen no Maid Guy. I hope someone else gets a chance to check it out. :D

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