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"The Rose of Versailles" is a classic shoujo series that tells the story of the events leading up to, and including, the French Revolution. The story revolves around Oscar François de Jarjayes, officer in the Royal French Guards (who happens to be a woman raised as a man in order to continue her family's illustrious military tradition), and the woman she is charged to protect - Princess (Queen) Marie Antoinette.

Starting from their idyllic youth as the Princess first learns what love is (albeit not in the form of her husband but of the dashing Swedish prince, Hans Axel von Fersen) and Oscar first learns what it means to command an army unit to the tumultuous events leading up to the French Revolution, "Rose of Versailles" covers many years and many events, many based on history.

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Tama-Neko's Rose of Versailles Tv And Manga Review

Rated: 8

I will heartily admit that the Rose of Versailles, along with Escaflowne and Kino no Tabi, is one of my most favored series of all time. It's got it all: an exciting cast of characters, intrigue, lots of sword fights, love triangles (or worse!) and the unique period setting all blend together into a very attractive package. It's not something you could rewatch frequently, as it is a long series, and rather emotionally draining if you get caught up in each character's triumphs and trevails, but it's a great show to revisit every so often, like an old friend. For me, it never gets old in the retelling, because the story and the characters are so layered.

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minayuri minayuri

Rose of Versailles is a truly beautiful masterpiece of a late 70's-early 80's anime, the series details the life of Oscar Fancois de' Jarjeyes, a girl raised as a man by her father who was only given daughters, so he raises his youngest as a male and as his heir. Oscar truly represents what a strong heroine is, noble and passionate in all her endeavors, and truly is a great role model. It also tells the story of the tragic Marie Antoinette, as she starts off as an innocent young girl, but once she steps foot on Versailles, her life is changed forever, and ends up as a sympathetic character despite her faults. The series is full of romance and intrigue as it leads up to the fateful French Revolution. The series has a similar feel to Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and I highly reccommend Rose of Versailles to anyone.

KiyanaIkebana KiyanaIkebana

This anime is very old, but I like old anime maybe a little more, because they have beautiful story. More than the ecchi anime :/
I watch it only because I was boring, and haven't anything to do, so I started too wacht it! And began to fall in love XD
Lady oscar is a woman, but see was raised like a man! But this isn't a secret! everybody knows it. She began works like general for royal france family, care marie Antoinetta, fall in love in queen's lover.... after that she chose the way of inhabitants too stop the royal costs and fall in love with andrea ?! we can maybe compare with the true history of france, of course it was fiction, but it can be a version ...

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