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Weskalia's Senkou no Night Raid Tv Review

Rated: 7

TV Tokyo and Aniplex's Anime no Chikara project aim to create anime series that are not based on any material, and Senkou no Night Raid was the second in title. It can be ambiguous for its own good, it wants to be a hard-hitting historical anime mixed with spy elements but some of the plot twist are not flesh, and the characters are left undeveloped. Luckily, it has a better written second half and four DVD-only extra episodes to close the unsatisfying ending after the thirteenth episode to form a solid climax. And the fact that it is set during the timeline when there's one war ahead adds more dark resonance and throws enough strong content to be well worth a look. That it kicks ass too is icing on the cake.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

I truly liked this anime as it broke away from the typical cliched formula of most anime these days featuring school age characters that show moe and/or ecchi situations. Night Raid is truly an anime meant for the seasoned and mature anime viewer that seemed to have been forgotten. So I do reccommend this series highly if you're looking for adult main characters, a mature and in-depth story you can sink your teeth into, and intrigue and mystery at every corner.

kuchukuTulip kuchukuTulip

it was good, nice music, good story but i didnt like the pace of it. some times it got too slow and suddnly it ends.
i think it could have been much much better.
Other then a history lesson and the faces+powers of the characters it had..............almost no story.


this is a cool anime, especially how it takes in all those historical facts. i found it interesting cos i'm studying history rite now for my GCSEs so yeah. it's a bit confusing even to the end but i still enjoyed it very much ^_^. the only thing is that its episodes are subbed so slowly that i gave up on watching subbed ones and just went with the raw episodes. but luckily enough i understood most of what they were saying XD. btw i was soo relieved when i heard the squeaky violin playing. so happy he didn't die!!

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