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Weskalia's Sora no Woto Tv Review

Rated: 8

In truth, So Ra No Wo To's story and its central idea aren't as independent as I make them out to be, but it does a fine job of presenting a rich alternate future world and a fun, slice-of-life comedy and war story that doesn't disappoint, provided you have a tolerance for said moe appeal. While it does success at showing that moe can be pulled off in an interesting setting, a lot of its story is pure fluff. Some of its late plot developments seem hasty and forced, nasty background revelations pop up with only the barest prior hints (if any) that those characters had troubled backgrounds, the warmonger character introduced late is over-the-top to an eye-rolling degree, and the climax falters a bit, which leaves the last episode to bring out the best part is overreacting.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

Really good series from what I've seen of it, I like that it has an original concept and cool characters to drive the story who each have a likeable quality about them. I would say that this a neat series for anyone to watch because there's an inspirational quality that warms your heart in the bond the five main characters have with each other, plus they're hardworking and go the distance in each of their endeavors. This is a great series to watch to draw out inspiration from as the girls are always true to themselves and what they believe in. I also like that they gain real world experience to help them grow. I love the OP song by Kalafina, it really suits this series but I wasn't much into the ED song though. The only issue I have is the anime character designs looking more closer to the K-ON! look rather than the original designs by Mel Kushida. Otherwise, it doesn't affect how I feel about this series and consider amongst my favorite shows of this current decade.

evelluchia evelluchia

i found this anime sort of like a military version of k-on but yet its still a lovely story ^-^ its got some amasing musical pieces ^-^ i really enjoied watching it ^-^ in its way it shows the bonds of dear friends and how they can work together ^-^ i personally reccamend this anime to anyone ^-^

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