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ChaosCroc's Steel Angel Kurumi Tv Review

Rated: 7

Steel Angel Kurumi presents itself as a comical love story, and it pulls that off perfectly. It's very enjoyable to watch, whether you're a guy or a girl. A few scenes, such as the bathhouse/hot spring scenes, are a little less original than most, but for the most part, it flows with the story. As I also stated above, some of the fan service and yuri scenes seemed forced in there at times. Also, a few other scenes (such as one where Saki is beaten and tied to a peice of debris shaped like a cross) seemed a little out of place.

Also, the beginning of the series seems to move at a slow pace, taking almost 2 episodes before they even reach the train. However, once you see the other Steel Angels appear, things heat up pretty quick.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

I just watched the first series, the Encore OVA, and the second series. S2 surprised me a somewhat, especially with the new heroine Nako being quite endearing and I liked the character development for her. Still the content was cliche and Karinka's role didn't matter that much in S2. I didn't really care for the romance between Nakahito and Kurumi, I think Nako of S2 is better matched with Kurumi, Nakahito looked like more of a little brother figure for Kurumi rather than a love interest. However, Nakahito and Kurumi are a better pair than Kyoshiro and Kuu of Shattered Angels. I think there should've been closure where Kurumi could've said to Saki that she only loves her as a sister (family), it wasn't good for Saki to still have those feelings linger on in Encore. The last Encore episode was too random and not a good way to close out the original series. The OP song is pretty catchy and the animation is pretty good, I disliked the remix version of the song in S2. The animation is pretty good for its' time and has aged well. Overall, this was still an underwhelming series for me though.


A fun, not-quite-lighthearted series full of wanton destruction. Add a dose of yuri for the second series. I actually bought most of the first series, sold it, and then ended up with the collector's set some years later. Go figure.


I'm lost, my memory is faulty as always. All I know is that the ending was beautiful, the purity of a heart is a wonderful thing. I'm planning on watching it again to refresh my memory, but one scene that sticks out is the general's repeated rejection from Karinka and his final rejection was somewhat sweet and sad, but humorous all the same.

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