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Angelxxuan's Summer Wars Tv Review

Rated: 8

Over all I was very impressed with this one. I was hearing great reviews from other people so I found this and watched it and I have to agree this was of no exception to not liking it either. The themes mingled so well with the anime that I was greatly impressed as to how they blended. I'm not really into romance style, but it was trivial but just enough. I was very liking of the cute and adorable atmosphere of the virtual reality, it reminded me a lot of Playstation network or possibly facebook with it's social networking section. Within this anime you'll find yourself laughing at the moment of first love, cheering on the fight scenes and crying with both happy and sad tears as those moments approach.

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Member Opinions


It is a beautiful movie! The trailer i saw moved me alot but the actual thing is so much better!!
Ok its like this: Kenji Koiso is a young high school student with a gift in mathematics and a part-time moderator in the massive computer-simulated virtual reality world OZ along with his friend Takashi Sakuma.
Invited by the girl he likes Natsuki Shinohara to participate in the 90th birthday of her great-grandmother . While there, Natsuki introduces Kenji as her fiancé to Sakae. On her super cool family he meets Kazuma Ikezawa , SUPER FAMOUS in OZ known as KING KAZMA! Kenji receives an e-mail with a mathematical code and cracks it. Love Machine, an artificial intelligence uses his acount and this widespread damage on OZ putting millions of lifes at stake (cuz OZ controls everything! ) So know he has to save the day with the help of the awesome family and his friend! Its super cool!!!!
I think that its a really modern movie and shows the danger of our society´s deppendence on the internet and its consequences. I give it 5 thums up!

orange-lisa orange-lisa

Despite some minor flaws I enjoyed it so much that I must give him 10! The plot is interesting and original, can keep you glued to the TV until the end; two major events intertwine: the meeting of the protagonist Kenji with the large family of his friend Natsuki, and the informatic apocalypse that hits the virtual world of Oz. The virtual world is rendered with a very different graphic from the beautiful pictures of the anime, but it's very nice. The various members of the family are very well defined, perhaps the only one who would need a little more details is just Kenji!

TAKASHI SAKUMA: "Please tell me you didn't break the internet!"

singlemoon singlemoon

I saw the last 30+ minutes of this movie in a TV channel months ago and I only get to watch the whole thing few days ago.
I love it. I love the family theme, but my fav would be the time they got on their computer. This movie somehow reminds me of my hometown and my loud family.
Thou, if I didn't know anything about this movie, I'd stopped watching after the first few minutes of the introduction, cause I had no interest in it. But, that's probably because I've been watching lots of anime until I started to get a little sick. xD
But, overall, it's enjoyable and worth your time.

lvlz26 lvlz26

Holy crap i love this movie!! Even though this movies story reminds me of the first digimon movie, i still love it. The character designs for the avatars and the potential romance in this movie is why i love it. Amazing!!

SavingtheGeneration SavingtheGeneration

This is an awesome movie, and I think anyone can relate to it. ^^ This movie shows how important family is and how important it is to be together as a unit. This family has unique characters, and that's what makes the show interesting. You'll laugh and cry and feel as if you're part of the family as you share their losses and their triumph. This is a great family movie if you want to share it with them. ^^ And one of the best parts is that this show is very modern. They live in a technology era, but it's not too far advanced from our own so we understand it, and some of the characters even have iPhones and things like that. The voices were great as well. I guess you could almost call the entire cast the Funimation Favorites. XD Even though you'll probably cry every time you watch it, you'll still want to watch it again and again because of the great ending. ^^

orenji orenji

There are some rare moments in your life of otaku or cinephile when watching something and can't just believe in anime/film being a complete materpiece... Yes, there are such ticks :)

Last night I watched Summer Wars and it was one of THOSE moments... It made my stomach hurt and kept my eyes watery the whole time because I was so amazed and shocked when suddenly put into extraordinary world of anime full of wonders!

The plot IS really good and the whole story is really nicely directed. Backgronds are very detailed and created with high diligence just as the characters (also those currently remaining not in the foreground). It is the combination of Ghibli sceneries and Evangelion style character design - the golden combination that could be a dream of every true fan of anime.

stargem stargem

IT starts out as a simple explanation of the movie setting and current places in society; an important part of any story. With a fast developing plot as well as discern-able characters, this movie touches the hearts of the viewers immediately. With twists and turns at every moment in the story, you begin to wonder how the characters can overcome the obstacles that stand in front of them. But with the trust and love off the family and friends, the characters never surrender and fight for each other.

Tavia-chan Tavia-chan

Absolutely adored this movie! Entertaining all the way through, and it's bound to make you laugh. The animation is on par with Miyazaki films, and the dubs for both Japanese and English are very well done.

quantabiru quantabiru

the story 'bout how family must be and giving the best to resolving problem together!! this movie really inspiring my life a lot!! good job!! the design character is simple. since Yoshiyuki-sensei was behind the character design, it makes me love it a lot. recommended!

DiEs2882 DiEs2882

love it...

the concept...
and the story amazing...!!!...

and the main character is kinda cute since it so powerless in real world...
but in the virtual world...they're cool...:D

totally love it...:)


fun anime movie!
soft motion... soft color...
little bit reminded me to one of digimon the movie--the one which has omnimon in it ^^;
annoyed a lot with few scene but enjoyed the rest--most of it.
nice cure fore boredom =)

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