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Was it only a dream? Or an illusion?

Kanzaki Hitomi was a normal high school student who occasionally told fortunes using tarot cards. One day while trying to break her own track record, a pillar of light comes down from the sky, and with it comes a dark-haired boy, and a dragon. Van Fanel was the heir to the throne of Fanelia and was transported to Earth, the Mystic Moon, from Gaea, in order to retrieve the drag energist from a dragon that he needed to become king. Running into Hitomi, their meeting will bring them to a different world...

Gaea, the world of two moons, one of which is Earth. A world that seems like the medieval ages, with both man, beast, and beast-man alike occupying the world.

Van and Hitomi arrive in Fanelia only to have it destroyed shortly after by Zaibach. Forced to flee, Van and Hitomi begin a journey across Gaea to fight Zaibach, the mysterious country who was Fanelia's destroyer.

But the Fate Alteration is approaching...

(Synopsis by: Twinklebyte)

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Tama-Neko's Tenkuu no Escaflowne Tv Review

Rated: 9

Escaflowne is a series I watch every other year. I never plan it that way, but somehow it always happens. At 26 episodes, the series is long enough to really develop its cast of characters as well as a long and intricate plot without taking forever to build up to action. There aren't really any 'filler' episodes -- the story is tightly paced from the get-go, and rarely slows down for a breath once it gets going.

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Member Opinions

Cirru Cirru

Visions of Escaflowne (the movie)
A wonderful and imaginative movie to watch. From what I understand, it differs from the series in a few places. I have yet to watch the series, not sure if I ever will. Rather enjoyed the movie for what it had to offer. (must rewatch =b )

aureawolf aureawolf

Another anime institution, if you ask me. Escaflowne is one of those series that every otaku or beginner should watch. In my opinion, every scene, every turn of events, every act is well justified, so you don't get the nasty feeling of something missing. I don't give it the 10 because I wanted to see at least one freaking kiss with Van!!!! (I don't think that I'd be wrong if I said that all of us fans melted and screamed with Allen in the bridge... O.O Am I right, am I right?) In the end is a marvellous story. The music? Kanno and Mizoguchi made up a love story of their own!

chiara chiara

Was my first-ever watched anime in TV back in my school days. Nowadays, art (long noses) is probably a matter of getting used to, but nice love story with a touch tragedy plus mecha and an overall excellent story.I especially like that none episodes or even parts of them are unnecessary. The story is constantly pushed forward - no unneeded sidetracks, summaries or additional meaningless situations. The story is like the red string of fate and connects all. Highly recommend.

singlemoon singlemoon

Why didn't I finish this series?? DX
Well, since I haven't got the chance to finish it, I'll only write about my opinion about the first few chapters.
Honestly, I love the chemistry between Van and Hitomi, I don't know whose that blond guy's name but he's seriously out of the picture (even thou he's my TAIPU *nods*) when it comes to Van and Hitomi.
Surprisingly, I know the ending. How did that happen? Ah well, it's still count as partially.

Rufusek Rufusek

The girl that had the gem to shape the fate, oh that some awesome news, mecha anime but it is not highly advanced and the motive of creating perfect future through alternation. It shows quite a number of interesting characters like Van or knight of Asturia all of them doing their best and in the end showing their true desire ;)

kyo-tohru-1985 kyo-tohru-1985

I just need to watch the last 9 or 7 episode left and then i will be done with the anime. I am hopeing that Van and Hitomi get together. The anime was good but it needed a better end, while the manga was wayyyyyyy better.

riho88riho riho88riho

Interesting characters, love the story/plot, cute romance, wonderful development. Cool mecha-twist.
Unusual. Totally different from the anime. Good artwork.
Very similar to the anime. Interesting twists to it compared. Good story/plot/romance/characters/development

bleachsenafan bleachsenafan

I only own the Escaflowne OVA, which I loved the best. The Animation was epic and the storyline was tremendous - totally loved the ending. Now the series was quite filled with Action and romance. It was alright, I mean I like stories that are taken place at a Medieval Era. Van is handsome, and Hitomi is pretty - so I loved them both. Very nice series. Totally recommend the movie.

Wraith Wraith

Bought the series for my daughter but she didn't want it. Now I have it but I haven't watched it yet. Another classic as I understand it so it should be good. I gave it a five because I haven't watched yet.

xerces489 xerces489

Not too bad. I really liked. Watched the movie, I think I liked the movie more for some reason. Maybe its just cause its graphics are (newer or-...) more modern (compared to the series).

But yeah. Its good.

princesslucky princesslucky

I'm not quiet sure what to say about this series, I think it was good. Though never TRULY "grabbed" me. I thought the movie version of Hitomi was probably better, and the Allan character was DEFINITELY better, He drove me nuts the in series. I found myself wanting more with both the endings of the series and the movie. Animation of the movie is also better.

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