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The series revolves around Akari Kamigishi, Hiroyuki Fujita, their friends and new friends they meet along the way. Akari and Hiroyuki have been childhood friends and next door neighbors since they were in kindergarten. One of their most important friends is Multi a robot that starts attending their school as training so that her data may be used for future prototypes. She’s a special prototype as she has feelings and emotions where as others like Serio do not.

Credits: Mew1Mokuba

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Nismosis' To Heart Tv And Manga And Game Review

Rated: 7

The overall execution of To Heart was done fairly well for it's genre and the series now serves as a staple for other series of the same. While the first season is now well dated, it is still an excellent series for any romance fan. The artwork was executed fairly well for it's time but the "bulgy" style had my eye quirked at some points. The second season fixed this problem quite well tho. The full blend of cute music and attractive artwork functioned well together with the life-style drama of the anime. As stated before, this anime is a little slower than the traditional series but the simplicity only adds to the series charm. The only thing I'd really like to see from To Heart would be a definite closure.

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minayuri minayuri

It's an alright adaptation of the VN, but not as good as those that adapt Key/VisualArt's series...ToHeart would've done better if a studio like KyoAni adapted it, since I feel they do a great job in adapting VN's. Otherwise, this series tells a heartwarming story of the devotion that the characters have to each other; be it close family, friends, and/or the relationships that are romantic in nature. Like Kanon, the To Heart series also tells the close bond of two childhood friends that become romantic, however in the second series there are bumps in the road that test the love between Hiroyuki and Akari. I'm glad that Ayaka Kurusugawa has more of a role in the 2nd season, she's quite an interesting character for an oujo-sama and Junko Iwao shines in the role, it's a shame she's not in more VN's...she's truly talented in every way possible. I feel a better seiyuu could've voiced Hiroyuki though, his voice was too raspy-sounding. Someone like Akira Ishida would've been better in the role.

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