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Stranded in the space between human and demon, Miyu was born a vampire and charged with the responsibility of returning evil demons called Shinma to the dark. Being eternally 15, she yearns to return to the dark herself but not until she has banished the Shinma from Earth. And since her awakening, she remains cut off by the facts of who and what she is.

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DarkDub's Vampire Princess Miyu Tv Review

Rated: 8

Subtle. In a word. This is an original anime, not because of its concept, but because of the way it affects without you even noticing. If you are not carefully paying attention you might have to watch the entire thing over again to find out where the story starts and where the beginning truly is.
I am not saying this anime doesn't have its faults. It definitely does. The whole kill a monster every episode thing is incredibly obvious and borders on insulting the audiance.
Somehow it manages to save itself from the drugery that single problem brings up with consentrating really hard on the enemy's past and reasoning. The torture that the human souls go through can be heartwrenching, but their release does come to one degree or another.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

The OVA-Pretty good anime, Miyu was truly a beautiful vampire girl and I truly connected to her and she's quite a multi-faceted character. What I liked about it was it was enchanting and mysterious. The story in the OVA is about Miyu and the spirtualist, Himiko and with each encounter they discover something new about the other and the ending will blow your mind. Naoko Watanabe did a great job in voicing the title character and Mami Koyama is excellent as Himiko, the third episode has the brilliant Kaneto Shiozawa as Larva. This version of the VPM series is closer in tone to the manga.

TV-From seeing the TV series, it has the feel of Jigoku Shoujo with the dark, episodic storylines involving the main character. While the designs look pretty for the characters, I prefer the designs of the original OVA better. Miki Nagasawa and Shinichiro Miki do a great job in voicing the characters Miyu and Larva respectively, just as good as Naoko Watanabe and Kaneto Shiozawa did before in the OVA. Despite the seemingly episodic nature of the series, it does tell a story of Miyu herself and her bonds with Larva, her rival Reiha, and her best friend Chisato.

All in all, I recommend Vampire Princess Miyu for a look into how anime heroines should be, characters with depth to them, charisma, and more than just a pretty face.

SnickerdoodleNinja SnickerdoodleNinja

Although interesting, the lack of a real plot or character development really turned me off. I felt that it was too bland most of the time to be almost purely episoidal. Still worth seeing at least once, however.

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