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Kawaiiguy's Victorian Romance Emma Tv Review

Rated: 7

Emma was sweet, subtle, and very classy; characteristics many current series lack. There are no magical girls, super powers, explosions, or intense action. The overall storytelling, characters, locations, artwork, and music were very pure and enjoyable. It is a wonderful series for sitting back and relaxing. It has plenty of historical references and clips of everyday life. Watching common people mill about their business makes the series that much more interesting to watch. As with any good story, the ending will somewhat surprise. It seems open ended for a sequel, but closes the book at the same time. By the second episode, I was completely hooked on the characters and their stories.

I would recommend Emma to those who enjoy the simple pleasures in life and don't expect much.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

The first season was good, but the second got too melodramatic for me that it felt too much like a soap opera. To be honest, I wasn't that invested in William and Emma as a couple as I tend to favor in terms of romances of the same vein of couples of differing social classes are those like Andre and Oscar of Rose of Versailles and Jack and Rose of Titanic. Also, I like that heroines such as Oscar and Rose have a strong-willed attitude and Emma lacked that strong will. I didn't like how the rejection of Eleanor by William was handled and made me dislike William considering how insensitive and disingenuous he was towards her. True that he was decisive on who he wanted to be with, but he should have never pursued anything with Eleanor because all it did was hurt her and that's why I don't like him. I sympathize with Eleanor because she was a sweet and gentle person and felt she deserved more dignity than what she got from William. Hans was a great character and preferred him over Hakim and William. There was great potential in Hans' character and was one thing I liked about S2. I wish Hans were in the first season though, to make things more challenging in giving William a solid rival.

CaptainCurryCat CaptainCurryCat

I really love Emma, both the anime and the manga. The manga especially blew me away with it's gorgeous art style, and inspired me to check out (and soon love) every other piece of work done by Kaoru Mori. The characters were probably my favorite part of the series though, and their individual subplot relationships UNDER the overlaying romance between Emma and William (like the subplot of William and his father, Emma and her multiple mistresses, ect). It's a really wonderful story, admittedly one that actually surprised me greatly (since the initial summary isn't all that interesting-sounding).

singlemoon singlemoon

Such a cruel fate befallen upon Emma and Edward, the first season leaves the viewers with disappointment and then second season came, things get pretty intense and lots of people get hurts just because Emma and Edward loves each other.
So I can say that this romance story is cruel, and it makes me wonder why couldn't people fall in love without hurting another person?
Judging by my reaction towards this anime, I can conclude how badly I was taken by this series. Even my mom watched this, and my second brother(he complained about the ED for first season XD).
It leaves a bittersweet taste in my mouth, and as far as I concerned, I'm glad they finally find their happiness. *cries* Even after all the suffering. Guh, the story is so intense when it comes to Edward and Emma!

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