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Weskalia's Yosuga no Sora Tv Review

Rated: 4

With the sloppy writing and showy displays of nudity, don't expect anything great out of Yosuga no Sora. It is ultimately a series strictly for fans of the game and those who seek anything beyond fanservice in their anime offerings. There are two aspects that rise above the level of mediocrity: the animation is strong and fluid, and the two music pieces are quite the gentleness, but with such dull disadvantages, they don't add a lot. Anime like this is what often comes out of the shadow and merely tries to insult or provoke your intelligence. A tedious and horrific mess that at least gives ero gamers what they wants: a guy who looks and acts like a dullard, a bunch of pretty girls, and a set of difficult trials for the guy to achieve his heavenly dream of both nudity and sexuality.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

This series was adapted quite well to be honest in taking the story from different points of view in the arcs with four of the heroines, something that is rarely done for anime adaptations of VN's and the four heroines chosen has their own romance story with Haruka. Episode 1-2 act as the base that branch out the story that takes a different perspective in the episodes that follow; 1-4 (Kazuha), 1-2/5-6 (Akira), 1/7-9 (Nao), and 1, 7, 10-12 (Sora). Motoka's arc is told in the minisodes after every episode which is a pretty good way to unwind from the drama as they have a feel good nature to them. The best girls in this series for me are Kazuha, Akira, and Motoka because I feel in each of their romances with Haruka, each of them give him an endearing relationship and are worth rooting for. The sex scenes didn't bother me at all as I've grown accustomed to it since watching the entire classic Cream Lemon hentai franchise and the episodes centered on Ami Nonomura set the tone of incest for future media. I endear more to Ami of Cream Lemon than Sora in this series because Ami has a sweeter personality and Ami had to endure hardships in life due to the consequence of what happened between she and her beloved brother Hiroshi after they were caught by their mother. Regardless of family being around or not, there was never any type of consequence to befall Haruka and Sora as it had with Hiroshi and Ami of Cream Lemon.

XiThau XiThau

The rating I'd give is somewhere below 7. Why? Because the majority of this Anime was all about intimacy (censoring myself). Honestly speaking, I was interested in this because incest was a theme of it, but regardless, it was lacking. I mainly would like to see an actual relationship develop properly (preferably between the siblings), rather than 3-4 episodes be one arc, then 3-4 another, etc. I'm probably giving an ignorant opinion (as I often do), it's due to my biased self. I suppose this Anime was good in it's own way.

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