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Weskalia's Yuru Yuri Tv Review

Rated: 7

There aren't that many people into this girls liking girls stuff, but perhaps it's hard to look away Yuruyuri's hilarious comedy. If it sounds like there isn't a plot to this one, you'd be right. This adaptation of a short-gag manga plays out like one, the goofy content is essentially what one would get if one crossed Lucky Star with K-ON!, or even Hidamari Sketch. The artistry and animation are deliberately very basic - and that works to the content's advantage in a couple of places - but the succession of gags is usually so funny that it won't matter.

No one will find any real depth here, but anyone who leaves without a smile is probably the kind of person who thinks its predecessors are unfunny slops. If that's you, then this is one series you'd probably best avoid.

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