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Kazahaya's Zetsuai -1989- Tv Review

Rated: 6

I really enjoyed this manga as well as the OVAS. It's one of those mangas you'll love or you'll hate. The characters are charismatic and well defined. The overdramatic developing of events are not liked by everybody but it has some comic relief when needed.
It also has some yaoi scenes, that don't go as far as being explicit but they leave no doubt about what's going on.

The OVAs design is not bad, but it doesn’t give the same feeling that the manga. It fixed some of the major mistakes from Ozaki’s art style but they are not very similar, but maybe my opinion is biased because I like her doujinshi-like drawing style.

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Member Opinions

SolemnSerpent SolemnSerpent

Don't you love Soap Operas? Yeah, me neither. What about Soap Opera anime? Wellllll... maybe. As strange as it is, that's what I'd classify this anime as - extremely melodramatic and emotional to the max. Does that make it bad? Eh, maybe, if you're not into that much drama. Personally, I liked it a bit. Some parts were laughable, like the fainting (he's there when someone wakes from a coma, and he gets so freaked out he screams like a little girl and nearly faints as well, pft!) while others were like, "Well, damn. You just have no luck, do you?" but overall, it was an 'alright' series.

mbeckley mbeckley

This anime hit me hard, and I deeply relate to the characters, especially Koji. Desperate, intense love for someone can be a powerful, terrifying experience. You'll be strong and blown away at the beginning and weak at the end for the person you love so much.
I liked the melodramatic action and words Koji and Izumi had for each other. They went through feelings they had for each other and coped with their own personal issues, and they managed to love and be with each other at the end.

ShannaxZala ShannaxZala

I very much enjoyed this series. Now normally I don't prefer reading older manga's (Watching older anime's isn't bad though) but this one I took my time reading.
The characters are very wonderful, their stories are also very in-depth. I can't help but love them.
The angst in this series is originally what got me into angst (Such as death, rape, or a bad childhood) in a Yaoi and Shounen-Ai series. I know the scenes aren't explicit, but you know exactly what's going on. I know I did... *Starts Drooling*
Oh yeah, my favourite character is Izumi. He's a wonderful character that is very well designed~ (Both in the terms of looks and personality)

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