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Riiko Izawa is a lonely high school girl who has been rejected by every boy she has ever liked. One day she's given a card for a website called Nightly Lovers. She orders the 3 day trial version and receives a new lover whom she names Night, but for the duration of the trial refuses to have sex with him. Unfortunately she forgets to return him at the end of the trial, so now she must come up with one million dollars!

Based on the synopsis by Mew1Mokuba.

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Manticoreusagi's Zettai Kareshi Tv Review

Rated: 7

From the beginning to end, this is definitely a perfect representation of the shoujo genre. It's got broken hearts, boys, naked boys, and falling in love - but with a twist. Watase Yuu managed to shake things up a bit by throwing in some sci-fi, and the end result was good - one of her better recent works. I could have done without the abruptness of the ending, though.

But what the main thing is that stood out for me in the end was the fact that (to me, at least) Watase is in a shoujo rut. She's managed to creep out of it somewhat with the publication of this manga, but she's still in there. She needs to get more daring, and maybe even more risque in what she publishes.

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Member Opinions

aureawolf aureawolf

This was my first Watase-sensei manga and I loved it! There are a few details with which I don't agree (like the kinda excessive puritanism of Riiko and stuff), but all together is just lovely, Knight could well be an absolute boyfriend: he's kind, reliable, handsome, tender, cute, kinky, considerate, loyal, strong, funny, patient... he has everything! I love Watase's prototype of ideal man... her female characters... not so much.

pandemonium91 pandemonium91

I really liked it when I first read it and it's definitely a tear-jerker, but I'm not sure how it stands the test of time. Even if it's OK in the beginning, there are parts where it feels drawn out and Riiko's not the best protagonist either. What I did like (and still do) is the ending and I'm glad Watase went with a more bittersweet (and realistic, IMO) one instead of going down the classic shoujo route. Will re-read this eventually and see how it holds up.

lady-tsukiyomi lady-tsukiyomi

Awwww, okay, I first thought that having a robot boyfriend is totally CREEPY, but this manga won my heart as I first read it through in the Shojo Beat magazine when it was still being published. The ending made me cry it was so heartrending, but I still liked how it ended. *sniffles* But I still need tissues when I read it over again... T-T And my favorite out robot is probably Toshiki because he's so silly that he's cute. Not to mention he's smokin' hot. Ahem. *blushing* Anyway, I give it an A- and will never get tired of reading it over and over again. >.<

princessmeyrin023 princessmeyrin023

If love life is THAT easy... ordering a boyfriend if you don't have any... this was pretty funny but I didn't really like the concept that they have to do 'it' so they will be like an official couple. The ending was pretty realistic but other than that, this series made my mind crack. Supernatural. It's okay anyway.

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