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When her mother runs off with all their money, Sakiko Kinoshita faces the possibility of dropping out of university as a result of being unable to pay the tuition. Furthermore, Chifuyu Takashou, a law teacher whom she has had a crush on since entering university, completely ignores her (daily and obnoxiously obvious) advances. In this dark moment of her life, she tries to work as an escort but is stopped by a young man who promises to give her the money she needs. However, Sakiko soon discovers that the man, Natsuo, is none other than Chifuyu's younger brother! Natsuo agrees to teach her some special techniques guaranteed to grab Chifuyu's attention, but slowly starts falling in love with her himself. What will happen in this crazy love triangle, when Sakiko is nothing short of abnormal and "corrupts" the two brothers along the way as well?

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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    Aisuru Hito

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pandemonium91 pandemonium91

While not Yoshihara's best manga, it was still a pretty fun read. Sakiko's stalker-ish behvaior raises some eyebrows and can get old pretty fast, not to mention her constant attempts to assault Chifuyu. Despite this, the manga does have some serious moments of bonding between characters and Sakiko's not always as stupid as she looks/behaves. The art is alright, clean lines and attractive characters, though you'd be hard-pressed to tell the males apart by face only, since they're almost carbon-copy. Only the females can be told apart, and even then it's only due to their hairstyles. Overall, it's good as a light read, provided you have the patience to put up with Sakiko's antics and lack of common sense.

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