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CyanideBlizzard's Mayo Chiki Tv Review

Rated: 5

Mayo Chiki was actually one of my genuine surprises for 2011.

I was rather impressed with just how well constructed the series was, despite the fact that it was obviously meant to be a throw-away show just for a specific type of audience. However, it became painfully obvious that the show wouldn't break the chains it was bound in and simply ended up embracing them. While the show isn't terrible by any means, it's not going to get any new fans unless you enjoy anime cliches, a decent amount of fan service and a plot that panders around.

If Mayo Chiki ever ends up with a second season, I can only hope that the creators will take a chance to deviate from the norm a bit more and present us with a surprise, which is what I was hoping for the first season to be.

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Member Opinions

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

This was pretty funny.^^ I kinda thought Konoe would be a girl. Kureha was hilarious, with the very intersting way she chose to wake up her brother. Though I thought it was totally weird how he'd he thought it was so awkward to be peeping in on someone using the bathroom, and yet the whole time he wouldn't stop staring and shut the door. Then he tried to play it off like he didn't see anything when it was totally impossible to lie about it. Kinjirou totally got his a** kicked, can't say I blame Subaru. Subaru seems okay cool, though her family situation makes life for her a bit awkward. Subaru and Kanade Suzutsuki I think are pretty. Usami is alright. The show overall was funny but yet cliche but it does jump around too much. And it didn't try to be something it wasn't, though the series as a whole was a bit disappointing.

ghost945 ghost945

story is light and entertaining. seiyuu gave very different performance than other works. Hanazawa-san again noticeable performance, although she's only a side character. artwork above average, not superb in today's standard. but overall fun in story plot and seiyuu performance more than make up the downside. a great story to enjoy among recent works.

evelluchia evelluchia

i have to say that this series was so much fun to watch ^-^ just watching the adventure and the situations that subaru and Kinjirou are put into hehe XD it makes the series alot of fun plus the developing relationship between the two is also pretty fun too ^-^ i would reccamend this series to anyone who love a fun and funny adventure ^-^

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

The best anime of this summer 2011, the presentation, voice acting all terribly awesome. Story line was not that hard to focus though but this was the only harem, romantic and funny anime of this season that appealed the most.
The story is about a boy who has gyniophobia, meaning he cannot touch the GIRLS. If ever so happens he would become a victim of bleeding nose and then faint. The plot is beautiful and i seems to enjoy it quite alot. I hope u will enjoy it too. PG-13

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