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Dr. Kenzo Tenma was a brilliant Japanese surgeon in Germany who had a beautiful fiancee and great career. Believing that all human life is equal, he refused chose to save the life of a young boy who had been shot in the head instead of the city mayor.
The boy miraculously survived, but the mayor died, and so Tenma's career ended. His position was taken over and his fiancee left him. But suddenly & mysteriously the director and anyone connected to Tenma's demotion were murdered. Tenma finally worked his way back to a higher position than before, but remained the main police suspect for the murders.
Nine years later, Tenma learned the horrible truth that the young boy he saved, Johan, was the culprit of the serial murders. He sets out to find the truth about the monster he had brought back to life, and this time to kill him.

Written by steffic.

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Animefreak114's Monster Tv Review

Rated: 9

Overall watching Monster is an experience and as I'm very bitter to say, not one your everyday anime fan will be able to appreciate. Not only does Monster demand a mature audience with its adult content, but in terms of concepts as well, this is anime that will generally fly right over the heads of younger viewers or those newer to the anime community. Assuming that they can first look past its unconventional aesthetics in terms of art and music. And if you can get past all that then I can say for certainty as both an anime critic and avid anime fan this show will leave you with a lasting impression.


One of the deterrents to watching Monster with a group of friends on a late Friday night is the fact that this isn't a series you can marathon in one night. It's a long.

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Member Opinions

shadowwhuntress shadowwhuntress

Currently in my low priority anime list, but definitely must watch when I have time. The theme is fine and I love the "darkness" of the series. Hopefully, I'd finish it in the near future and unravel all the hidden secrets and pasts of the characters and the 'Monster'.


A suspense filled series that was filled with twists and turns had one weakness. Too many twists. The Manga was like that as well, but it was not as bad as the Anime turned out to be. It may be the medium that was used, but the Anime should have been a little less obsessive.

I was amazed at the different characters, but that could not help here. Sad... this could have been way better.

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