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Tales of Hearts is an action/adventure RPG for the Nintendo DS, created by Bandai Namco games via one of its Tales studios. It is the 11th mothership Tales game and the second for the DS (the first being Tales of Innocence, as Tales of the Tempest was downgraded to an escort title) and was released in Japan in December 2008. No Western/English release date has been set at this time.

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Tama-Neko's Tales of Hearts Game Review

Rated: 8

Tales of Hearts is a game you have to be willing to sit down and play for good blocks of time, or it will take you forever to finish. However, the game makes sure the experience a great deal of fun, and uses a complex plot to draw you deeper into the story and your party's characters.
The battle engine of Hearts is another key point. Level grinding can be a tedious affair, and walking through the field encountering enemies every 5 steps will make just about anyone quit. However, Hearts shows the enemies on the field (sort of like Chrono Trigger), and you can try to run around them (or stun them, once you obtain the Sorcerer's Ring) to avoid battles. But battles themselves are pretty fun. A battle takes place on a 2D plane, with 3 of your party facing off against monsters, etc.

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