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Light is a brilliant high school student who is aiming to become a police officer in the future. He is also bored out of his mind with his current life, and jumps at the chance to change it when he finds the Death Note that Ryuk the shinigami had dropped in the human world out of boredom.

Light sees the notebook as a way to solve the world's problems and build a new society, devoid of evil. To do so, he assumes the moniker of "Kira". However, Light is quickly taken in by the power and ends up actively opposing the Japan police. In a series of clever manipulations, Light ends up working alongside L, one of the world's best detectives, to catch...himself.

Along the way he is joined by Misa Amane, another Death Note owner accompanied by the shinigami Rem, who is infatuated with both Kira and Light. Misa assists him by making a deal with Rem for the Shinigami Eyes. Light later gains another unwavering ally in prosecutor Teru Mikami, who becomes the fourth Kira after receiving Misa's notebook, and television host Kiyomi Takada, whom he'd used as a cover-up girlfriend during college.

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